XMC-A825-16 XMC 16 Channel CAN / CAN FD / ARINC-825 Board

16 Channel XMC-A825-16 CAN and ARINC-825 Board

16 Fully Isolated Channels

Our Latest Product: The XMC-A825-16 board is a CAN / CAN FD / ARINC-825 16 Channel Board based on an XMC form factor.  16 fully isolated channels with simulaneous transmit and receive. Click here for more information.


16 Channel CAN / CAN FD / ARINC-825 Isolated XMC Board

The XMC-A825-16 board is a CAN / ARINC-825 16 Channel Board based on an XMC form factor. The board is 100% compliant with 2nd Generation CAN (ISO 11898-1).  This board is superior to every other ARINC-825 board available today because it is truly isolated on every channel and uses licensed Bosch M_CAN controllers.  This 16 Channel CAN board is The XMC-A825-16 is capable of BOTH receiving and transmitting on every channel at a full speed of 5 Mb/s and because of the XMC form factor, can be made compatible with almost any form factor whether it’s based on PCI or PCIe.  In addition, this board has an enclosure option which will allow it to run in a stand-alone mode with up to 128GB of recording to a microSD (XC) card with communication done completely over Gigabit Ethernet with an RJ45 port.  The physical connectors on the card include an RJ45 jack for Gigabit Ethernet and a VHD68 connector for the channel I/O.

In addition to the external RJ45 port, there is an Intel® Gigabit Ethernet controller onboard available over the XMC connector.  When the board is installed on a carrier board, it will show up as an additional Ethernet controller using the standard PRO1000 drivers from Intel® and can be used without the external RJ45 port needed.

Part Number: TP2216-903
  • 2nd Generation Controller Area Network (ISO 11898), ARINC825 and CANaerospace Protocol Compliant Interface Module from the alliance that designed the worlds first working ARINC-825 interface, the interface used to validate the ARINC-825 standard
  • 16 Isolated and fully Independent CAN / CAN FD Interfaces using embedded Bosch M_CAN licensed IP and capable of simultaneous 5Mb/S CAN and CAN FD on all buses
  • Compatibility with CAN protocol, Every CAN FD node is able to receive and transmit CAN messages according to ISO 11898-1
  • ARINC-825 and CANaerospace Protocol Stacks from Stock Flight Systems
  • Up to 128Gbytes of µSDXC memory on board for recording of data
  • High Resolution Time Stamping for all CAN Messages
  • Ultra-stable Transmission Timing through use of high stability MEMS oscillator and VHDL based transmission message scheduler
  • Applicable to XMC, PCI, cPCI, PXI, PCIe, VME Platforms as well as Standalone Operation
  • 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet Interface with UDP/IP Protocol and API (External or Internal)
  • Driver & API Support for Linux, VxWorks, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows (XP to 10)
  • Window-Oriented CAN/ARINC825/CANaerospace Tool-box Software

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Firmware developed by Stock Flight Systems

Stock Flight Systems is a world leader in CAN, CAN FD, CANaerospace and ARINC-825.  This firmware has already powered our previous generation pmc825 4 channel board and our extremely successful CANFlight analyzer/generator.  His firmware also powers our latest board and helps to offer the highest flexibility while maintaining broad compatibility with aerospace industry standards and requirements.

Breakout I/O Panel

16 Channel Board Breakout Panel

Image: TP9060-901 16 Channel Breakout Panel

This is a separate 19” tall rack mount I/O breakout panel which breaks down the VHD68 connector on the XMC-A825-16 card into 16 separate DB-9 connectors with activity LEDS for each channel.  The panel was designed to make interfacing easier than ever. 
Part Number: TP9060-901

XCT Toolset

XCT Screenshot

Using this card with the XCT toolset from Wetzel Technology, we provide not only previously unheard of hardware compatibility but also widespread Operating System compatibility.  XCT is already available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris.  There is also driver and API support for VxWorks in addition to Windows, Mac and Linux.  This is the same software which is used for our PMC825 4-channel board and our CANflight 2 channel bus analyzer.  There is no additional charge for XCT and a copy is provided with each compatible CANaerospace and ARINC-825 device we sell.


16 Channel Board in Stand Alone Flight Test Enclosure

We offer a stand-alone aluminum flight test enclosure which is powered using 9-36V DC current and encloses the 16 Channel XMC card.  This allows for hours of flight test recording with the same hardware.  This can then be played back using XCT remotely or you can remove the microSD card and insert the media directly into a PC or another 16 channel ARINC-825 CANaerospace card.

Part Number: TP9103-901

Carrier Cards

There are several options available for different form factor systems.  This allows the same board to be mounted on a convertor card which makes this a much cheaper option than trying to layout the same card in several form factors.  The carrier cards available directly from us include:

  • PXI/cPCI – This is a 32-bit 3U Compact PCI (cPCI) carrier card which also fits into a National Instruments PXI/PXIe Hybrid Chassis.  (PXI Compatibility on request at no additional cost)
    Part Number: TP9151-901
  • PCIe Carrier – Allows for installation in a standard PC with an internal PCI Express expansion slot. (Only needs PCIe X1, compatible with up to X16 mechanical slot)
    Part Number: TP9154-901
Board mounted on cPCI carrier
TP9151-901 cPCI Carrier

Other form factors may be available.  Please check with us if you need something other than what’s listed.


TP2216 Data Sheet 2.3 MiB PDF

TP2216 User’s Manual Rev C 3.4 MiB PDF

CAN Aviation Alliance

The CAN Aviation Alliance is the world leader and authority on CANaerospace and ARINC-825.  The alliance was founded in 2007 and has provided the base hardware used to certify the standards.  This alliance has allowed the flexibility to provide custom and off the shelf solutions to customers all over the world.  This is the newest product released by the alliance and promises the best performance and compatibility in the field.

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