XCT Toolkit Screenshot

  • Host tool for Linux, Solaris and Windows XP/Vista
  • 100% compatible with PMC825  module
  • Realtime data visualization in raw and ARINC825 profile formats
  • CAN bus listen-only (no ACK) and loopback mode support
  • Powerful ARINC825 bus status, error and statistics functions
  • Triggering on identifier and/or message payload content
  • Realtime record and playback of ARINC825 data
  • Synthetic ARINC825 signal generation
  • ARINC825 Node Service Interface support
  • ARINC825 profile editor with consistency checking
  • Standardized XCT project configuration file format supporting ARINC 825 network specification, integration and ground/flight tests


Xct Screen Big